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A Collection of Songs to Listen to At the End of the World by Endoxa

Dear listener and reader, I recently discovered the band Endoxa, poised to conquer the world with their debut album 'A Collection of Songs to Listen to At the End of the World,' which will be available on all digital platforms on December 30th. The guys from Raleigh, North Carolina, know how stylish metalcore should sound, with a touch of modern hard rock trends and tears. In their sound, rock power and vocal passion merge, shattering into a million fragments thanks to heavy and powerful arrangements. You know, it's always there, in every track, piercing right into the heart, right to the bones with perfect hardcore. It's precisely this combination of passion, strength, and power that all fans and listeners of Endoxa adore.

The debut album "A Collection of Songs to Listen to At the End of the World" comprises 4 tracks that, once listened to, one would want to listen to constantly. And it's not just about the perfect rock that the musicians make tangible, it's about the lyrics. Oh, how precisely they hit the mark, it's stunning. The full immersion into the world of the album "A Collection of Songs to Listen to At the End of the World" begins with the track "Magnetic," where heavy guitars play their best parts, the drums ignite the space with fire, and the vocals seem to turn the soul inside out. You see, there's something personal, stylish, and powerful right from the first track that pulls at those soul strings you always wanted to hide from everyone. Then, the track "The Winner of Fucking Nothing" with its unexpected structure and strong vocal echoes creates a magical atmosphere, providing a true psychedelic experience. It's like I've encountered something unexplored, and the world of Endoxa has completely captured me. I admire how heavy metalcore blends with at times very lyrical and, I would even say, tender vocals. The vocals in this album possess all shades, hues, textures, even in a very unusual combination with heavy metal arrangements.

It's precisely this fusion that makes Endoxa so unique and stylish for me. After all, it's always easier to follow the norms and be in the mainstream than to create your own sound, adding uniqueness and originality. In the album "A Collection of Songs to Listen to At the End of the World," you'll find exactly that - style, originality, and endless drive. The track "After All This Time Always" completely stunned me with its pop-rock vocals, which shattered all the previously established metalcore motifs. It's in the track "After All This Time Always" that you'll hear that sound that will conquer your heart. I like that this track is extremely cinematic, and images of cliffs, raging oceans, rain, and clouds come to my mind, with the main character wrapped in a black cloak, standing at the top, alone, during the complete destruction of the world around.

The ability to immerse oneself in a world of fantasies and connect deeply with one's own feelings is what Endoxa's music enables. Isn't that what makes music a part of the soul? I believe that precisely because every chord pierces to the core, Endoxa's music will undoubtedly reach an even larger audience. The final track, "Knob," concludes the album on a very high note. It's as if gathering all their strength and delving into dark minor chords, the descended darkness becomes impenetrable. This finale reaffirms Endoxa's dedication to the heavy rock sound, where they navigate like rock sound gods. The absolutely stunning album concept allows listeners to go through a dark journey within heavy rock sounds, letting every cell feel a wave of freedom. Indeed, freedom is one of the main components of the secret recipe of the album "A Collection of Songs to Listen to At the End of the World.'" Each instrument floats in the hands of the musicians, the sound is incredibly powerful and sensual, the voice soars in rock waves, uniting the sound into one fiery cocktail. It's like I've had a sip of scorching whiskey and can't calm down. The impeccable sound quality suggests to me that Endoxa has incredibly big plans to captivate the audience, and I am confident that's exactly how it will be. Not only in terms of sound, structure, and album concept did Endoxa approach this with utmost seriousness. The musicians have designed artwork that I personally liked immediately, and I remembered the album cover. Well, I must admit, I am truly impressed and will now closely follow every new release by Endoxa.

So, friends, I recommend you listen to the album "A Collection of Songs to Listen to At the End of the World." It's hard rock that possesses a magic that sinks into your soul and changes your mood. In every note, you can hear the musicians' dedication, their professionalism, and the style they infuse into the sound. The insane energy and aesthetics capable of igniting a stadium are particularly mind-blowing. Mark the release date in your calendar and don't miss it! It's going to be epic!

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