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All of the Above by Al Ex

Dear listener, today I want to talk about Al Ex, whose name is on the lips of everyone who values the art of perfect sound and conceptual albums. His debut album, "All of the Above," didn't just capture the hearts of listeners - it became a musical phenomenon that shattered stereotypes and genre boundaries. Al Ex is already a recognized musician on the scene, and it's precisely because of his talent and eagerness to move forward, expanding the notion of genres and blending sounds into a compelling cocktail that no one before him had united under a single album.

In the 11 tracks of the album "All of the Above," stylish pop-rock resonates with electronica, funk meets tender pop sounds, and electronica merges with synth-pop vibes. Al Ex songs carry a message of unity, striving to awaken listeners from the slumber of apathy and urging them to come together in challenging times. I'll tell you straight away that I listened to Al Ex's new album in one breath, and honestly, it's like a magnet! Each track attracts different cultures, generations, and people from all corners of the earth. "Just the Start" is like straight-up sensual pop-rock with powerful vocals, evoking a sense of something deeply cherished and a light feeling of nostalgia. "Love Like the Sun" takes you into the atmosphere of soulful jazz, relaxing and creating a dreamy, serene mood. These feelings of tranquility and tenderness continue in "Shore and Tide," where the musician's vocals transition into low, vibrating tones, and a gentle rasp creates a romantic and even a sensual atmosphere. And just when you're fully riding the wave called Al Ex, "When We Get Together" diversifies the album, plunging it into different genres. Altogether - it's pure magic.

The perfect danceable house-pop with elements of hip-hop in the vocals completely shifts the atmosphere, as if night has fallen and it's time for heated dancing. I adore the track "The Rhythm" with its intricate beats and funk guitars that magnetically draw me in. The musician's vocals soar high only to sensually descend into a languid register, creating an experimental pop track with hints of classic pop tunes. Our journey concludes with the tracks "Whatever It Takes" and "Gratitude." Oh, I adore the track "Whatever It Takes"! It's bold pop-rock, with flawless vocals and backing, and the light guitar work completely captivates. The hints of alt-rock enchant my ears and make this track a favorite on the album. The final track "Gratitude," slightly somber, melancholic, yet simultaneously sensual and stylish. It's as if it's just an ellipsis, hinting at the new releases and even bolder experiments that the musician will surely unveil ahead!

So, I'm absolutely charmed and awestruck by the album "All of the Above." Within it, every listener will find something to their taste and undoubtedly be enthralled by the vibrant sound of each track. A tremendous amount of work went into crafting such a perfect release, and that's precisely why Al Ex's passion, dash, and strength can be felt in every track. It's as if each track emits an energy that evokes the very best feelings and a desire to push forward despite hardships. This release absolutely deserves a spot in your playlist, to echo through every party and resonate in the headphones of every inhabitant on this planet. It's incredible, and I wholeheartedly recommend everyone to also be inspired and energized by this album.

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