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Allison - My Spell

Hey, my music friends! Today, I've got a storm of emotions and melodies here that just won't let me be! I recently stumbled upon this absolutely insane song, 'My Spell' by Allison, which explodes out of the speakers straight into the heart and blasts away all the gloomy thoughts at the speed of light!

Listen, guys, 'My Spell' is like a pop-rock rocket that sends you into space without looking back! And the music video, oh my goodness, it's just something else. I feel like I've become a part of this energetic and unstoppable party that never ends!

And now I'm going to play this song again because, honestly, it's already stuck in my head and shows no signs of leaving. You should definitely play it too if you haven't already!

~ Yours sincerely,


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