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Amelie Patterson - The War

The track "The War" by Amelie Patterson is an acoustic release that is sure to become a gem in any acoustic playlist. Singer Amelie Patterson sets the listener on a wave of calmness and tenderness.

Western Canadian alt-pop auteur Amelie Patterson is a songwriter’s songwriter. Her latest single is The War, an anthem “for those who need it”. It's a song about recognizing the invisible struggles that others are going through, and finding your own place as you lend support for a battle you can’t fight. Both investing your strength in the struggles of others and also recognizing what calls you to fight, so you can “win your own death.” A deeply intimate and vulnerable vocal take is cradled by guitar tone nostalgic of vinyl recordings, and held aloft by organic instruments and a dynamic rhythm.

So, this is delusion in the real sense. I like the pop voice so much that I want to listen to this track many, many times. Wonderful! Hear you too!


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