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Animal Inside by AM Band

Dear listener of great rock albums, I have discovered an amazing band for you: AM Band from the Czech, who truly know how to create exceptional sound. AM Band is a symbol of restless energy and uncompromising rock, born in the coal mines of Karvina and maturing in the cultural melting pot of Brno. Founded by Ondrej Malina in 2003, AM Band quickly found their voice on the Czech music scene. The most significant turning point in their career came in 2010, when AM Band moved to Brno. This step opened new opportunities and brought new challenges, which AM Band embraced with open hearts. Since then, AM Band has recorded six albums, each reflecting different aspects of their creativity and life. Their new album, "Animal Inside," is set to be released on June 1st and promises to be the band's most ambitious project to date. Written during the quarantine period, the new album reflects the world's disunity and the overall state of the planet during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it is precisely these challenging times that allowed the band to delve deeper into the music-making process, making "Animal Inside" the most emotionally rich release.

Oh, yes! I've already had the chance to listen to the new album by AM Band, "Animal Inside," before its official release, and it's just mind-blowing! The first track, "Devil's Plan," literally injects fiery rock into your soul. From the very first seconds, as the powerful riffs and blazing guitar solos kick in, you feel like you're literally being ignited from within. The vocals sound so confident and powerful that they immediately captivate you. In "Claws" and "Burning Bridges," AM Band unveils a heavier and darker sound. These songs feel like they're taking you into the depths of a volcano, where darkness and heat blend into one cocktail. The vocals in these tracks are harsh with hints of commercial catchiness, adding a special dynamic to the songs. It's one of those rare occasions when you want to crank up the music and throw the most powerful party because it's impossible to sit still!

Listening to the track "So Bad," I was literally taken out of reality on groovy riffs. This track starts with a mind-blowing guitar solo that makes your blood boil in your veins. Powerful riffs and heavy sound, playing with tonalities - it all gives you goosebumps. But that's not all: the stylish development of the track and its broken structure add a sense of passion and slight anxiety, which turns into adrenaline by the chorus. However, my favorite on the album is the track "Animal Inside" because it's as if AM Band fully unleashes their power and sincere passion. Yes, this track is imbued with passion. And that's precisely why you want to listen to AM Band on repeat.

Undoubtedly, their concerts must be full of revelations and powerful energy, which you can feel in every chord, even if the recording is filled with such incredible energy. The album concludes with hypnotic tracks "Farewell" and "Nail To the Head". I'm absolutely enamored with how the structure breaks in "Farewell", it sounds so captivating and groovy that it's impossible not to groove along. You know, this track is a real future hit, mark my words! It has everything we love about heavy rock. "Nail To the Head" closes the album, and it's pure bliss. The insane and fiery guitars squeeze out some unreal cosmic rock sound, deep drums, rumbling sound and sparkling vocals give a feeling of bliss. I'm crazy about how, despite the heaviness of the sound on the "Animal Inside" album, every track is imbued with style and warm tones. It adds this feeling like each note is already becoming a part of your experience. Well, it's an amazing rock album that's bound to make history after its release.

Are you intrigued yet? haha! So, mark your calendars and notes for June 1st, that's tomorrow already. Catch my drift? "Animal Inside" will be available on all digital platforms tomorrow. And... promise me, dear listener, that you'll give it a listen. It's really cool!

P.S. Hey, AM Band. Thanks for putting out such cool, vibrant, and flawless rock music with soul. Your passion and energy are heard in every note. How much effort did you put into this release? Oh, you're unbelievably cool, and I feel like this is a really cool chance to break into the international scene. You've got this! Also, you know, I noticed the shaker in your tracks, which repeats often. After listening to the album, that sound created an image of a rattlesnake in my mind as a symbol of freedom and victory over loneliness. You've created a really cool album, I love it and will show it to all my friends!

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