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Beloved Ashes by Vava Quail

My dear listener and reader, today is December 8th! Guys, mark it on your calendars! This day promises to be simply explosive because today marks the release of the debut album 'Beloved Ashes' by the incredible Vava Quail! Imagine this: 8 conceptual tracks (Hm, and December 8th? It seems like there's a hidden conceptual meaning here, or is it just my imagination?), intertwining as if weaving a story of returning to one's roots. It's like a mix of emotions - excitement, joy, a hint of anxiety, and a sense of something new, something unusual. 'Beloved Ashes' is all about that. It's like transporting you to another dimension where each note is a new turn, each track is a new chapter.

Returning to one's roots may resemble a return to one's feelings that seemed lost or left behind in the past. Sometimes this sense of detachment can be like a riddle you solve not just once, but each time discovering something new. The music on this album is like a guide, showing that even in feelings of detachment, one can find beauty and inspiration. The album opens with the track 'Sugar,' immediately striking with its sensual and beautiful sound. It's as if the music pours from Vava Quail's soul and transforms the entire world around. 'Calendula' sounds utterly melancholic and immersive. This track introduces mysterious shades, plunging into the depths of something mysterious and unknown. Light sounds give the album a unique atmosphere, compelling the listener to immerse themselves in a world full of unexpected intertwining sounds. 'Warm White Tiles' is my absolute favorite track! This track with its perfect harmonies and intricate vocal techniques seems crafted to mesmerize you and make you lose yourself in its melodies. It sounds with such intensity that you can simply forget everything around and immerse yourself in the inner world of music. Sensuality, depth of emotions, and complete devotion to the music and its concept are felt in the track 'The Calendula Reprise.' And to wrap up the adventure on a bright note, the final track creates a soft feeling of something familiar and homely.

The incredible experiment culminates on a very strong note with 'Paris,' which elevates the album to a level of mastery. The acoustic sounds, choir inserts, flawless production—each note is like a flower unfolding in your heart. Vava Quail's vocals transcend magnificence. The depth and expressiveness that Vava Quail brings to the music make the heart beat in unison with it. The piano on this album... it sounds simply divine! Its notes immerse you in a world of purity and harmony, creating an atmosphere of incredible beauty and grandeur. Every note of this instrument is like the voice of the music deity, permeating every cell. Picture this: a celestial melody, light and enchanting, making your heart beat in sync with the music's rhythm. It's that moment when words are no longer necessary, and the music speaks for itself.

That's not even the coolest part, you know? It's the story that Vava Quail tells through the tracks, the lyrics, the stunning visual accompaniments, and the video teasers. It's a story of return and emotions from encountering one's own feelings. Returning isn't always about going back to what was. Sometimes it's about seeing everything in a new light, feeling familiar places but with a different depth and understanding.

The debut album 'Beloved Ashes' seems to flip these moments, turning them into not just a return but a sort of ascent to a new level of self-understanding. I feel like there's another theme in the album! Beloved ashes of memories gain new life and transform into music, turning into a perfect and blooming album. The cycle of rebirth and transformation adds a new theme and meaning to this album (at least for me), transforming the listening experience. Well, I'll give it another listen! I'm inspired, amazed, and completely captivated by the unique sound of this album, and I want everyone to listen to it and immerse themselves in Vava Quail's beautiful inner world through the music!

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