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Bolywool - The Poetry Of Dead Branches

Bolywool released the psychedelic-art house track "The Poetry Of Dead Branches". This is another dimension of sound that only the reader of Soundville can comprehend.

It all revolves around islands. In one end, raging seas, and in the other, total tranquility. The epicentrum of all this is one island located in the eastern seas of Sweden. Bolywool is an entire post-rock symphony in micro format. Without letting hard beats and loud noises take the overhand, the band creates an etheric landscape of layered melodies and explosive hooks. All of this combines into light shoegaze perfect for early mornings.

Bolywool captures the essence of every season in their music. Harsh winter winds, spring birds chirping and hot summer nights. With Öland as their home base and the revolving sea and nature serving as their muse, Bolywool’s music becomes simple and beautiful.

So, I'm lying on a cold beach on an island in Sweden and the rain hits me in the face. Thank you guys from the Bolywool group. You really made my day. And your? No? Listen and be amazed!


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