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Catalyst- Time Machine

Are you ready? No, seriously, are you ready to hear a track that will change your world? "Time Machine" by Catalyst seems as if it was released to make you shed tears and set your heart on fire.

The gritty, powerful, and mesmerizing sound completely disconnects you from reality, and the vocals lead you into Catalyst's musical realm, where there's no place for problems. You know, that's what makes Catalyst's music so stylish and unique. Definitely give it a listen! "Time Machine" by Catalyst is a real find, and I hope it becomes your soundtrack for many important moments in life. Enjoy this music, immerse yourself in it, and let it take you into its magical world.

Hey, Catalyst! I love how your track sounds modern, yet it reminds me of something from my memories, I don't know, but it's really cool. It's like I've been listening to you for a thousand years. Thank you for releasing such awesome rock music! Amazing!


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