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Changemymind by Fletcher Reed

Dear listener of excellent music and reader, today I will tell you about the music that will merge into your life as if it has always been a part of it. Light youth, beautiful harmonies, intricate patterns, and the fusion of styles will create the perfect space for your complete immersion into yourself and your inner world. Such stylish, high-quality, and stunning lo-fi R&B music is created by Fletcher Reed, an Ojai, CA-based artist-producer. Constantly seeking opportunities for personal growth as a producer and musician, Fletcher Reed's new release "Changemymind," which came out on January 26, sounds so progressive and unique. In its 6 tracks, longtime fans of Fletcher Reed's music will find his signature, voluminous, and conceptual lo-fi R&B melodies, with a misty, sometimes watery atmosphere, but the release is also capable of attracting a new audience with tracks featuring delicate vocals.

The EP "Changemymind" sounds like a cohesive whole, where each track seamlessly flows into the next, unveiling a new sound. Skillfully and masterfully weaving stylish lo-fi pop vocal sound, Fletcher Reed has created a memorable release that evokes feelings of serenity and tranquility. I closed my eyes while listening to the first track, "Changemymind," and the playful beats, tender keys, along with the vocals and harmonies, immediately found their way into my heart, warming it. This light R&B, with its delicate lo-fi synth sound, soul, and pop acoustic vocals, sets an extremely high standard for the entire release because this track is perfectly mixed, with an ideal sound and a soft aura of relaxation. The sensual lo-fi, which disconnects the mind, calls for calming future thoughts and offers healing. I admit, sometimes my head is such a mess that I have nowhere to escape from my own thoughts. But as I listen to this record, my thoughts revolve solely around Fletcher Reed's music, the rhythms pushing me towards a gentle hypnotic immersion, and I become calmer. It seems to me that this effect makes this release so cozy and already familiar. After such a powerful immersion into the misty lo-fi, the tracks "Human (with CHUFI)" and "Anymore (with ALANA HIL)" become my favorites on the release. Thanks to the bright rhythm, multitude of textures, as well as the perfect commercial vocals with a light rasp in the track "Anymore (with ALANA HIL)."

Oh, I'm captivated by the sound of this track, and I don't want to break free. Be sure to listen closely to the track "Lucid Luv (with Bryonii)," where the complex vocal performance hovers over the misty arrangement, this track is unique and stands out on the EP due to its atmosphere, which seems to not only have a meditative shade but also an atmosphere of a slow, passionate dance in the club haze. It's a cinematic and aesthetic track that could easily be on the playlist of a modern Netflix series. The EP concludes with the tender track "Sleepwalking Again (with Portair)," where bird songs, gentle choirs, and vocals create a sense of spring and summer. The future is bright, and the track is filled with an atmosphere of love and goodness. This feeling doesn't leave me while listening, how about you? I'm sure that every listener will find a track in "Changemymind" that touches their heart. You can listen to "Changemymind" while walking, traveling, or at home, with headphones, engaging in tasks that require concentration. But the beauty lies in playing it on speakers, filling your space with a light, memorable, and stunning sound that will calm you and immerse you in healing meditation. Oh, how wonderful it is!

So, Fletcher Reed, thank you for releasing such amazing music and striving for even more perfect sound! Please keep going, I adore your release, and I couldn't choose just a few tracks, you know, each one deserves attention, each track is unique and flawlessly made! I listen and can't stop, hehe. Um, I have a friend who finds it hard to concentrate when studying. I'll show him your EP, suggest playing it while he's studying. I'm sure he'll be thrilled, just like me. Hope to hear more from you! Love it!

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