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Clicks by Macro/micro

Dear listener of electronic cinematic music, today I want to tell you about the mysterious Macro/micro, who creates music on the edge of feelings and nightmares, doing so with elegance and captivating sound. Macro/micro is the project of Tommy Simpson, who seems to strive to find new boundaries of sound, to connect the unconnectable, so that truth emerges from contrasts. This is precisely how his new EP "Clicks" sounds, which will immerse you into an entirely new dark world of dystopia. The release features 6 tracks that must be listened to in one go, boldly and in one breath, preferably in a dimly lit room with your best headphones, so that not a single textural element escapes you.

Listening to track after track, it's impossible not to feel the world the musician creates, where he himself is both creator and puppeteer. I suggest starting to listen right now with the track "Follow" so that you can feel it with me. I like how the sound unfolds slowly! It's reminiscent of a scene from a movie where smoke fills the air, and the main character is left alone with their fears. Similarly, the EP "Clicks" slowly unfolds, delving deeper into its mysterious world. I can't shake the feeling that an industrial dystopia is being created, where every inhabitant of this new world is already accustomed to gears, machines, and constant connectivity and inevitability. I adore how the atmosphere is intensified through perfect ambient patterns, reminiscent of the best thrillers. The complex textures and distorted voices in the tracks sound voluminous and pleasant! The incredibly high sound quality literally pushes you out of your comfort zone, providing incredible new sensations. Despite the initial tracks sharing similar elements, each one sounds different to me, and my favorite is the track "Click for More Content". Because of its abundance of keys and airiness, it reminds me of a lullaby, but the sharp shifts in beats and ambient sounds create a truly eerie sensation.

Perhaps it sounds a bit strange, but you know those porcelain dolls often used in movies? Well, "Click for More Content" is my personal lullaby for them. Thanks to the meticulously crafted textural elements and cinematic sound, one can't help but dream and fantasize while listening to the EP "Clicks". I hear and see stories unfolding in another world, and I must admit, I haven't heard such well-produced music in a long time. The track "devoid of meaning and significance" elevates the atmosphere to its peak, igniting it with cascading voices that fill the mind from all sides. This track created a sense of enclosed space for me, and it was incredibly cool, damn it. Despite the fact that the track "Clicks" offers more space, the feeling that someone is watching from the sidelines became unbearably intense, WHOA! Perhaps, dear listener, you've noticed that the motifs and sounds on the EP repeat, but keep in mind, in the end, this rhythm and voice will become your guiding star in the infinitely dark world of the EP. It reminds me of a cycle, repeating itself, events that seem different but are similar. In this cyclical world, the sense of hopelessness and gloom is emphasized even more, and I absolutely love it.

So, Macro/micro, thank you for creating such awesome cinematic music. I adore your ambient pieces, how you blend sharp synthetic sounds with warm and soft ones in a single track, and how you demonstrate to the world what electronic ambient music should sound like through contrasts. I'm completely blown away, and I must admit, listening to your music, I had so many images in my head, I just settled on the most vivid ones. Keep it up! Do more! I'll be keeping an eye on you because I've caught some unreal inspiration, hehe

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