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D-Mad Devil - Who I Am

The release of "Who I Am" by D-Mad Devil is a fascinating start to a new era of heavy music. "Who I Am" will make your heart skip a beat every time you hear the vocalist's voice.

D-Mad Devil, the heavy music project by a vocalist / song writer Daichi Nathaniel based out of Osaka (Japan) since 2018, mainly has its music roots based in beloved early 2010's metalcore & post-hardcore. It's filled with intense riffs and catchy & delicate choruses as his established elements. Not a traditional style consisting of multiple official band members, but keeping the elements with full band soundings on the music by Daichi and his co-writer.

In 2019, Daichi begun working on co-writes with Christian Grey (a vocalist of Villain of the Story). Along with the release of the 1st standalone single 'Giving It Everything (feat. Christian Grey)', Daichi started his journey as an actual artist on the heavy music scene.

So, I ripped my T-shirt off this wild sound. And what have you broken? Nothing yet? Then turn on the track soon and let's check it out! Hah.


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