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Daniel McMillan - Drag Me Down (Masove Remix)

Dear Melomaniac,

Today is a great day, and how about you, my friend? When the summer sun shines outside, you only want to listen to great music and enjoy the day. And today, while walking around the summer city, I listened to the wonderful track "Drag Me Down" by Daniel McMillan, remixed by Masove.

Every moment of "Drag Me Down" is filled with joy and happiness. The drums set the rhythm not only for the track but also for the whole day, and the vocals sound so perfect that you want to listen to it endlessly. "Drag Me Down" seems to be made for the very best parties and unforgettable days.

PS. Hello! I am completely fascinated by your music. every time I listen to the track, I get real pleasure. Now I will include it at every party. Thank you for releasing such amazing music.

~ Yours sincerely,



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