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Darren Burdis - Alone Again at Christmastime

Dear listener of perfect tracks,

I've found an amazing track for you that, with a gentle melancholy among the notes, speaks of the approaching holidays. "Alone Again at Christmastime" by Darren Burdis is the perfect indie track that reflects the musician's desire to play with themes, rhythms, and moods.

Previous releases by Darren Burdis have always been imbued with a cocktail of bitter melancholy with a drop of sweet hope. Just like in the new single "Alone Again at Christmastime," the musician confronts us with reality but seems to hint that everything will be alright.

P.S. Hey, Darren Burdis! Thank you for releasing such diverse, bold, and unusual music. I feel that what you do is genuine music that flows from the soul. The gentle bells in the track, the approaching Christmas, your music, and your talent will surely come together at one place, at one time, and someone definitely won't be alone. Thank you for releasing such amazing music!

~ Yours sincerely,


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