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Darren Burdis - In The Hands Of The Devil

Brand new single "In The Hands Of The Devil" by Darren Burdis is a completely new beginning in the music industry in the genre of indie acoustic rock with elements of Americana.

By running his fingers over the guitar strings, forcing them to follow the rhythm, Darren creates an unforgettable melancholic track. The single from the first bars throws the listeners into the space of the music. Burdi's new release is a valuable and unique gem filled with dynamic acoustic instruments. Shimmering violins, soft drums, guitars and vocals are filled with Americana and classic rock influences.

"In The Hands Of The Devil" needs to be made louder because its intricate instrumentation and powerful Darren's vocals deserve to be heard at their full potential. With increased volume, you can fully immerse themselves in the experimental soundscapes and emotional intensity of the track, allowing them to fully appreciate Burdi's artistry and craftsmanship. Superb.


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