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deegie - Old Spice (Eric #1)

Dear listener of cool tracks,

I've found a track for you: "Old Spice (Eric #1)" by deegie, and it's pure energy. The stylish pop rock of deegie is a real gem, because it combines so much emotion and energy that you just want to jump on the bed, grab a hairbrush as a microphone, and sing along.

You'll feel a wave of light nostalgia for the first punk rock tracks that set your heart on fire, because it seems to be inspired by the coolest tunes. Impeccable, stylish, and powerful. You'll want to listen to deegie's music all the time!

P.S. Hey deegie! Thank you for creating such a great sound that grabs you incredibly. I love the lightness in your sound, which mixes with fire and passion. I adore it! Adore it! And adore it again!

Your best friend, SoundVille


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