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Descent From Paradise by Linden

Dear listener, how about listening to an album that reaches the subconscious in the same way as the movies Mulholland Drive, or Jacob's Ladder? Oh yes, I didn't expect that either. I couldn't even imagine that one could create such a complete, thoughtful, bright, and kind world through music and imagery, just like Linden, the singer, did with her garden. You know, there's going to be a lot of interesting things happening, and I suggest you disconnect from the surrounding world, alright? Let's completely immerse ourselves, without reserve, in the Linden's stunning concept. Imagine there's a garden, perhaps it's Paradise.

Throughout the history of humanity reflected in culture, art, and literature, the theme of Paradise and Hell, as the opposition of two forces equal in strength but different in concept, holds one of their key ideas. Hell and Paradise, Yin and Yang, Day and Night, Woman and Man, High Priestess and Devil, Your subconscious and the Linden's album "Descent From Paradise," which will be released on January 11 on all digital platforms. Yes, exactly that. 10 tracks will guide you through your own experience, through the symbolism of Tarot cards, through the constant struggle of two great principles (Priestess and Devil), which culminates in growth. Through scents, herbs, flowers, and colors. "Descent From Paradise" is a movie that unfolds in your consciousness under the magical performance of the singer. Perhaps you'll need a hint, and I'll provide it for you. Conceptually, this album is about a person's growth while facing traumatic events. Each song corresponds to a Tarot card reflecting different aspects of the psyche, and the accompanying scents, symbols of flowers, and herbs complete the picture of experiences. Intrigued? The album opens with the track "Porch of Paradise," where the main character is the Tarot Major Arcana card, The Fool. Linden and her garden suggest that the action takes place in a garden, and The Fool points toward a path ahead, full of reevaluation and hope.

We're journeying along, and we encounter The High Priestess in the track "Heavenly Sickening." It's like I dissolved into the imagery and mystical, magical sounds of the track. I just want to heed the call of the singer and her garden to move to the next track. Then our path leads us to The Devil in the track "Man in the Garden." Understanding oneself through these images is crucial because, devoid of most clues, our subconscious begins seeking keys to solve the puzzle. And the most amusing part is that the key is found. Card Lovers in the track "The Succubus & The Incubus" show us a clear union between male and female in depth, and a constant desire for balance. The confrontation and inner struggle reach a climax in the track "The Ghost in Bridal Lace", symbolized by the Moon card. The High Priestess realizes her boundless power but is bound by the shackles of her own weakness. I love the purple color of this track. For me, purple has always been the color of tears and despair, and there is nothing more accentuating the pain of the Priestess in this track that I can imagine. After accepting pain, the track "Nursed by Death" with the symbol of the Death card hints at rebirth and a new beginning. It's very subtle and refined!

From this point on, a new wave begins on the album. The track "Hermit's Warning" is like the voice of intuition, softly warning that caution is needed in the future. However, in the next track, "Watch the Sun Reverse", the lovers prevail, and despite the warnings, they fly toward the flame like moths. Once again, there's pain and new experiences. And as a continuation of this idea, "The Witching Hour", symbolized by the Tower card, for me signifies a hint of newly gained experience after the destruction of hopes. The album concludes in a cycle. What does this mean? In the track 'I am Virgo', we return to the same place, the same garden, back to the Fool who opened the journey for us in the first track. This move loops the album into an endless path of healing, rebirth, and acceptance. Phew! That was an incredibly cool journey!

So, Linden and the garden, you've done a colossal job, created an incredibly vast world, enriched it with symbolism and mystique. I'll be waiting for the release and will show it to all my friends because that's how art should sound. That's how music should be created, prompting one's own thoughts. Oh, thank you for such intricate work that sounds, by the way, simply stunning. You've inspired me... Have you, dear reader, also been intrigued by Linden and her garden? Mark your calendar for January 11, and you'll witness a miracle.

P.S. Linden and the garden, you remind me of a healer, an herbalist, and a sorceress from another world! Do you possess magic? Hehe

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