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Desolate Soil by Vespertine

My friend, do you remember the moment when metal music first ignited your heart? Well, I got burned once, and now every time I hear the metal music, I experience a kind of ecstasy. Especially when there's a sensual female vocal and a heavy, velvety, and menacing male one in the perfect melody. When the violin and guitars catch notes as if from medieval folk, creating an atmosphere of dark fantasy. When the organ emits the energy of pain and despair, and the unrestrained percussion with groovy guitars squeezes the fire out of the metal sound, whoa! All this and even more is in the upcoming debut album "Desolate Soil" by the Vespertine band, consisting of Dawn Kadmiel and Ran Hameiri. These guys know their stuff in symphonic metal, know how real metal music should sound, and use the full power of this music.

I learned about Vespertine by chance, and their music has already firmly settled in my head. They met in college, united their hearts, inspired by symphonic metal. And it's felt in every track. You know, there's a special atmosphere in their release, and you'll feel it on March 1st. Until then, you'll have to savor, wait, imagine, and anticipate, and I'll help you with that. Conceptually, the upcoming album "Desolate Soil" by Vespertine revolves around a post-apocalyptic world mired in pain. It delves into the evil reigning in the world, as well as the presence of goodness and hope, the companion to evil. The duality of the concept is evident in the vocal parts of Dawn and Ran, in the dynamics of the sound, and in the album cover. But what about love? These guys are romantics, and their souls flirt in the rhythms of symphonic metal and through the story of love that emerges amidst the dark concept. You'll encounter a track about two lovers who find themselves together in a shattered world, building their own world amidst the ruins. You might think that embodying such a complex, voluminous, and stirring concept into reality is impossible? Oh, yes! But Vespertine has accomplished the impossible, and they've done it.

If you've never heard symphonic metal before, I envy you because Vespertine could be the perfect first love in this genre. They've created an exemplar, a classic, and an already timeless album that must be in the vinyl collection of any self-respecting connoisseur of quality music. The passion begins with the first track, the intro "Genesis," which introduces you to an orchestral fairy tale. The mixing quality immediately stands out. My friends, the orchestral music in the hands of these guys from Vespertine contains numerous layers, emotions, and each instrument has its own sensual sound that sends shivers down your spine.

After a light introduction, you'll find yourself immediately immersed in a world engulfed in chaos, drawn into a dance on the bones of the stunning violin and guitar parts in the tracks "To All the Wilds" and "Rain Into the Hollow." The album seems to be divided by the track "Skeleton of a Tree," and at the microphone is the charming Dawn Kadmiel, who captivates with her voice from the first word. Tender, light, like an elf striving to restore the world to its former beauty. You know, I can't stop feeling like a hero, not just in an apocalyptic world, but in a deeper story, reminiscent of a heroic epic novel. And I'm sure that this is what will captivate everyone about Vespertine's music. It's vast, stylish, and unifying. Created in the best traditions of symphonic metal, the album "Desolate Soil" will be able to unite people and fans of epic heavy metal music. Why do I say this? Well, because I am the first among them. My heart melted away on the track "Twilight State (the Vespertine)," as if a mist enveloped everything around me, and voices from the darkness surrounded, creating incredibly aesthetic and cinematic sensations. This track will be released on February 2nd, so the wait is not long. Make sure to pre-save it through the social media links of Vespertine, don't miss it, okay?

So, Vespertine, I just want to say, where have you been all this time? The world needs your music, and thank you for undertaking such an immense task. How many hours did it take for you to achieve such a perfect sound? Everything sounds so precise and pleasant! I derived true pleasure from it (my favorites are "Skeleton of a Tree" and "Journeys Upon Great Gaia," when the heavy metal musical begins). I'll be keeping an eye on you and recommending your music to everyone. Looking forward to the release, and I hope to attend one of your live performances someday. Can't wait!

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