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Hello, dear friend,

And now, my Jedi, let's get down to the aged whiskey. Yes, you heard right, the track "KARMA •|• How Long" from the metal band DEVIL MAY CARE is a real fire. True hard rock flows in the veins of these guys.

If you like rock music, you'll feel the heaviness, power, and drive of KARMA •|• How Long. The pop-rock vocals that cross over to the stream sound unbelievably amazing, and the overall atmosphere is made especially for stadiums and rock festivals.

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PS. Hi DEVIL MAY CARE! I love the track "KARMA •|• How Long". I got trembling a couple of times, especially at the end when you broke the rhythm. Thank you for your music and keep doing more. And, I also understood the name of your group. Haha, I think that Dante and Nero in my console got bored with nothing to do.

~ Yours sincerely,


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