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Dragon by Flora Cash

Dear listener of perfect indie tracks, Today I simply can't resist sharing my impressions of the new single "Dragon" by Flora Cash. If you, like me, are already enamored with their music, then this track will simply dispel any doubts and make you fall even more in love.

"Dragon" is a story of battling through darkness and finding strength in the toughest moments. This music sounds like it's coming straight from the heart, urging us not to give up even when everything seems hopeless.

It penetrates deep into the soul and fills it with a spark of hope. It's a song for those who have once felt lost in the dark but have found the strength within themselves to rise again and burn brightly once more.

P.S. Hey Flora Cash, thank you. Your exquisite voices and deep emotions conveyed through music make us feel every word, every note. Just keep doing what you're doing, it's amazing<33

Your best friend,



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