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Drew Pelisek - Mind Erase

Dear listener of great music,

Now the real magic begins. In our cheerful abode, a cool dawn suddenly came, the morning rain passed. Now there is cool dew on the grass, and a pink mist in the air. It was these feelings that caused me the track Drew Pelisek over the name of 'Mind Erase.'

Close your eyes and immerse yourself in the sounds of the song, enveloping the heart with warmth. Smooth melodies, pouring like soft rain, envelop the ears in the embrace of gentle chords, while strong and loud chords bring to life and add a light peppercorn to the sound.

PS. Hey Drew! Your voice, like a feather, gently touches the soul and is transferred to other worlds where time stops. Marvelous! Thanks for the amazing track.

~ Yours sincerely,



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