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New track from DUNKELWALD called "Inerte" is a dark cloud hovering over a bleak landscape. The post-punk, coldwave and darkwave song is an exciting and mesmerizing journey through the shadows.

The pulsating bassline and shimmering synths create a sense of foreboding, while the drums and distant vocals add a touch of icy detachment to the mix. As the song unfolds, it feels like a slow descent into the depths of despair, where every note and texture is carefully crafted to create a sense of darkness.

It's a song that refuses to let go, a call to arms for anyone who's ever felt trapped or oppressed by the world around them. It's a reminder that sometimes we have to scream, fight, and claw our way to freedom, and that in the midst of chaos and destruction, there can be a sense of beauty and power.

Whether you're lost in your own thoughts or seeking solace from the chaos of the world, this post-punk, coldwave, darkwave gem is the perfect soundtrack for your inner turmoil.


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