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Emi Be Like - I Know Who You Are

Emi Be Like, being a breathtaking and bright singer, released the new track "I Know Who You Are." It's headphone frenzy that grabs you and doesn't let go until the very last line.

The singer connects the threads of various music genres, from retro pop to modern vocals, into one sound, weaving an amazing single for the grandest stages and stadiums. Emi Be Like is a master of rhythms and harmonies! While the synthetic rhythm of synthesizers breaks through one earphone, the bass guitar dances in the candlelight through the other, captivating me to fall in love with this sound forever.

On "I Know Who You Are," Emi Be Like adds a heavy rock guitar solo to finally break the calm. I have to admit that it's quite unusual and cool to hear electric guitar blending with synthetic backing in such a rich sound. The drums and percussion beat out a clear and harmonious rhythm, which the singer skillfully complicates, breaks, and works with the sound in a precise and delightful manner. "I Know Who You Are" leaves you wanting to listen to it repeatedly, as each time you hear it, you discover new sounds that will amaze you.

So, I've been reveling in the cocktail of sounds in the track "I Know Who You Are" for an hour now. I can't help but dance and shake my head. And you? No? Are you kidding? Turn it on immediately and listen to this divine track!


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