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Everything But Classic by Paweł Ratyński

Dear listener and reader, today awaits a moment of inspiration and complete immersion into the world of pure sound and emotions. How long has it been since you listened to music without words? And how often do you experience music without words, with just a single instrument taking the lead role? I am proud to introduce to you the album "Everything But Classic" by Paweł Ratyński, whose primary instrument for expressing his stories and thoughts is the classical guitar. In his new album, there are 10 tracks, and in each track, solely through the guitar and his own feelings, the guitarist and composer, Ratyński, guides the listener through sensual stories and narratives. In the album "Everything But Classic," you will find not only original tracks but also cover versions of composers from different genres and countries (such as Mike Oldfield, Mark Knopfler, Baden Powell, et al), performed with deep feeling and respect for the originals. You won't find any vocal compositions on the album, nor complex studio tracks with heavy arrangements. Pure sound, crystalline strings, delicate emotions seasoned only with titles that will guide you on your journey during listening.

Ratyński's new album "Everything But Classic" holds a solid first place in my list of albums that can move one to tears and provide joy and happiness. All these emotions are intricately woven into the tracks on the album, and I invite you to join me now in playing the track "Ommadawn (Part One)" and enjoy the beauty of classical music. This track serves as a powerful and stylish opening, immediately setting a high standard for the entire release. In "Ommadawn (Part One)," you will experience a true movement of emotions as the melody sweeps through octaves, soaring upwards and then descending to low bass notes. You know, immersing yourself in the melody, you'll be able to feel that there is indeed a voice within it. The voice of the author and performer, Ratyński, who speaks to his listener through sound. In my mind, images of medieval heroes immediately arise, tales of victories and defeats, of great deeds, and the triumph of good over evil. The majestic track, blending styles and moods, sounds truly innovative. Tenderness, lightness, and magic linger at the edge of the strings in the track "Guardian Angels." The complex rhythmic pattern and stunning performance evoke a sense of awe, all performed solely by Ratyński. Incomparable! The track "Going Home (Theme of the Local Hero)" transports me to the realm of spring, tranquility, and coziness. It exudes a special atmosphere of something familiar, warm, and comforting, offering sensations of genuine wonder and tenderness. I love this track for its brightness and kindness. Ahem, I suppose I'm experiencing such strong and vivid impressions from guitar music for the first time. Don't miss out on the track "The Last Waltz"! True magic is woven into this melody. You know, when I listen to "The Last Waltz," it's like I'm appearing in the dim light of an evening café, with a lingering scent of passion and coffee beans... And a sense of romance fills the heart. It's as if I've been transported back to the provinces of France and still smell the fresh bread from the local bakery.

If you close your eyes and disconnect from the world, you can feel a gentle melancholy and the deep, touching story of the track "Over the Rainbow," where the strings are firmer, more strict, and almost weeping. The perfect harmonies unsettle the excited heart from the previous tracks. Such delicate and well-thought-out musical movements on the album have the power to touch even the most enchanted heart. I appreciate how the track "Un Dia de Noviembre" tells a story that will resonate with anyone who listens. Universality. The strength and elegance of Ratyński's music have the ability to animate the mind and imagination, to saturate with emotions and events. Isn't that the true purpose of music? The album "Everything But Classic" concludes with the tracks "Taurus III" and "Apelo," where the album seems to undergo a complete transformation in sound, unfolding towards a hidden unease and powerful culmination. In "Taurus III," Ratyński's flawless performance grips you, striking with the strength and fiery passion that almost shocks the senses. The final track, "Apelo," continues this state, adding a sense of grand finale, ultimate purification, and acceptance. It's as if Ratyński brings forth all the pain, sorrow from the depths of the soul, and suggests letting go of all that weighs heavily. It's astonishing and utterly inexplicable. An incredible and memorable final!

So, Paweł Ratyński, thank you for creating such amazing music. I'm amazed at how much feeling and emotion, how many images and narratives your music conveys. I can't imagine how much strength, love, and patience it takes to feel your instrument in such a profound way. It's awe-inspiring and utterly priceless. The change in sound in the last track made a huge impression on me. It created such an intimate atmosphere, as if I were listening to it live, at a concert. It evoked a very strong emotional reaction in me, and... I'm truly amazed. I'll definitely be sharing your music, showing it to my friends, so they can enjoy the pure voice of the soul!

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