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Fleeting Visit by ANASTÁZIE & The Musa

Dear listener and reader, I suggest you take a pause right now. Stop, read, breathe, and most importantly, listen with me to the juicy EP "Fleeting Visit" by ANASTÁZIE & The Musa. Exactly this is what I want to do, listening into each of the 4 tracks of this release. ANASTÁZIE, singer-songwriter, performer, and co-producer, has found her calling in R&B music and has decided to transform this genre, and as a genre innovator, ANASTÁZIE succeeds. Teaming up with The Musa, ANASTÁZIE has released her EP "Fleeting Visit" where R&B takes on a new form, blending with various styles and genres. From sweet R&B soul to neon Afro beats, from bile funk, pop to dance hall. And what particularly captivates me in ANASTÁZIE's music is the subtle hint of Armenian music.

The power, passion, and fire of blood find resonance in vibrant beats, flawless lyrics, lively drumming, and percussion that instantly envelop with their stunning vibe, while the light, sweet vocals, dense bass, airy synth keys, and vocal echoes convey the other side of the release. Tender, dreamy and sweet. It completely captivated me, as if two parts of one story merge, forming a stunning creation that changes the traditional approach to the genre. This approach to making music offers new impressions, stylish sound, and provides a conceptual adventure for every listener on the planet. A conceptual adventure? - you might ask. Oh yes, but let's start from the very beginning. From the first track that kicks off the EP "Fleeting Visit." "Hajime" captivated me from the first seconds. It's as if I found myself somewhere far away, in the midst of joy, dance, and events swirling around. Styles and genres blend in incredible harmony, propelled forward by vibrant Afro beats, pop vocals, folk songs from around the world, and you know, it's like music from another world. Right from the first track, ANASTÁZIE showcases herself as an incredibly bold producer who remains true to herself, reveals her soul and worldview, and offers completely new listening experiences.

Then, in the next track "Temptation," it's like I found myself in a neon-lit club, enveloped in the sweet haze of love and the passion of the dance beat. The light southern motifs in this track soar, setting the wave, while the R&B rhythm nods to dance and deep reflection. Oh, ANASTÁZIE's voice acts like a hypnotic spell, calling to follow it into the very center of passion. I like how ANASTÁZIE blends different genres. The melody in "Fleeting Visit" continues its evolution and movement, and the track "Jungle," in my opinion, is the deepest, lowest, and most resonant. Listening to this track, you admire its hooky and tight rhythm, under which it's impossible to sit still. You want to sway to the beat or, you know, maybe it's time to dance? Dear listener, I'm confident that no one can resist the inner power of the track "Jungle." It's the magic of true sound. The EP "Fleeting Visit" concludes with the track "Wildness", it's like dawn, warmth, and light after a neon night. It's as if we've experienced an adventure that culminates in a moment of complete dissolution with space. Perfect vocals, stunning style, and incredible production make this track my favorite. Utter delight and enjoyment. A perfect finale to an outstanding release.

So, ANASTÁZIE, ahem, I'll tell you honestly, nobody has heard anything like this before, and your sound has truly amazed me. Especially your incredible skill and delicate ear. How could you flawlessly blend styles into such precise, smooth sound? I am absolutely thrilled. I can't imagine how much energy went into this release, but I feel like it's an ocean. I love it! And I will show "Fleeting Visit" to all my friends because this is a release that everyone must hear. With your permission, I'm playing your EP on my sound system, and I'm going to dance my most unrestrained dance!

*This review was made possible by SubmitHub. @anastazie_breiova


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