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For Money and Power by Goldbloom

Dear lover of cool albums,

I’ve found an amazing punk jazz band from Brooklyn called Goldbloom, which seems to create incredibly catchy sound. With several releases already under their belt, Goldbloom has announced the release of their second album "For Money and Power," which is set to drop on June 8th. You might be wondering what drew me to Goldbloom. I believe that fans of the band will agree with me that Goldbloom has a unique style.

Raised on classical jazz, Goldbloom has added a pinch of adrenaline in the form of grunge and punk to their sound. I must admit, I was initially surprised, and it immediately grabbed my attention. It’s stylish, modern, and possibly even a smart commercial move. In any case, it works, it's audible, and it's intriguing. The ones who have intrigued everyone are Blake Opper on saxophone, Steve Williams with his basslines, and Grant Martin on drums. Remember these names and watch out, friends, because these guys might just make you fall in love with jazz forever!

The trio has already established itself as a band that creates complex, vibrant, and expressive music. But let me lift the veil of mystery: in their new album, the guys lean more towards classic jazz, exploring a broader spectrum of influences from country music to Charles Mingus. I had the chance to listen to "For Money and Power" before its release, and it’s molten fire. Ten tracks – ten stories, opinions, styles, and sounds. The new album is like a new little life, an island of sound with no rules. You'll feel it from the very beginning, with the first track "Redneck." The track’s leisurely development, perfect sound, and swinging jazz rhythm transform the space around you. I love how there’s an almost melancholic, minor haze throughout the track. If tracks were times of the day, this one would be night.

It’s that moment when the clock has passed 3 a.m. Passion and sensuality in the album mix with playfulness and carefree vibes. Can you feel it any other way with the track "Ketchup Man"? The leading saxophone line seems to tell a story, while the swaying rhythm sets a great backdrop. I love how the saxophone’s style sounds. It seems to replace a vocal line, yet the sound is very articulate, stylish, and incredibly emotional.

What sets the music on the album “For Money and Power” apart is its uncompromising sound within a classic jazz format. You’ll feel chills run down your spine when listening to the track “Roger Ebert v The State of Illinois.” It’s as if a previously hidden energy bursts forth, with phrases flowing one after another and the vibrant drumming keeping you on edge every second.

It’s incredibly powerful and stylish, with an atmosphere created solely by saxophone, drums, and bass guitar that gives the impression of not a trio, but at least a quintet. An utterly potent and relentless track that captured my heartbeat and made me sweat. Wow, pure emotions! However, the album’s atmosphere sways and soars, smoothly transforming in tracks like “Goodbye Porkpie Hat” and the final “Still Kansas.” I was especially struck by how Goldbloom completely controls the sound and fully expresses emotions through their instruments. In the final tracks, I heard such a cohesive, strong, and magnificent sound that seemed ready to burst into flames again at any moment. It’s something absolutely incredible! You must listen to the album on June 8th. Don’t forget to mark that date!

Goldbloom masters any sound and any format, yet each track carries a common thread: their uncompromising sound. In the new album, you can feel layers of meaning through the cover and the title “For Money and Power.” Goldbloom’s punk grunge spirit is expressed in their candid perspectives and the music’s thematic weight. Don’t worry, dear listener, you will catch this essence simply by immersing yourself in the tracks of the upcoming album “For Money and Power.” And that’s what I love most about them!

P.S. Hey Goldbloom! Thank you for making such amazing jazz. You are so unique, stylish, and capable of addressing important topics through jazz music. I’m absolutely thrilled! I was especially captivated by the energy of your music, your concerts must be a sea of energy. Oh, how cool! You have poured so much energy and inspiration into this release, and I’m sure you will find many new listeners. Your music deserves to be heard! Yeah!

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