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FUCK. IT. by Limandi

Dear listener and reader, I've discovered a stunning debut album for you by the singer and songwriter Limandi, titled "FUCK. IT." You know, something unimaginably cozy, warm, and heartfelt immediately captivated me in Limandi's music. In the warm intimacy of the album, Limandi's soul sounds, and it unfolds in each of the 7 tracks on the album. The songs on Limandi's album were written four years ago, allowing time for the music to withstand the test of time and firmly establish itself in the debut album's tracklist. Secluded far from the city, Limandi seems to have merged with herself, with her thoughts. It's really cool to pause life, find the strength for it, and look inside oneself, understand who you are, and accept yourself. That's exactly the challenging work Limandi has done, expressing her feelings and thoughts in music that resonates throughout the album. I would even say that across the 7 tracks, you can trace the change in mood and thoughts, and there's one more detail that makes me shiver. Do you know what it is?

Returning to the intimacy and cozy electro pop sound and Limandi's light, hypnotic voice, every listener can detach from the world, immerse themselves in their own soul, and arrange... a reboot? I think it's precisely a reboot, during which you'll accept yourself and gain the courage to declare yourself to the world and find your voice. Oh yes, anticipating your questions - with the creation, recording, mixing, developing the persona, marketing, releasing, and further evolving her creativity, Limandi has proven that by accepting oneself and gaining wings, one can achieve the impossible, find oneself, and become confident in one's abilities. And I adore Limandi for this! Oh, so many emotions and strength in this release, and it deserves the highest praise. And you'll hear it too with the first track, "One Day I'll Be Proud." It's light electronica, like mist on water, creating the necessary atmosphere of Limandi's world. Her lightness and beauty in every sound take on an image of sexuality and warmth. Maybe it’s not for nothing that the red color of passion predominates in the image of Limandi? Then, in "FUCK. IT.," Limandi's voluminous voice, supported by perfect choirs, fills the consciousness, and that's love from the first sound. Incredibly easy, stylish, commercial, and perfect for your best moments. Listening to every word, you might really want to say "screw it all" and go celebrate? Watch the fireworks? Magnificent. The track "Put The Blame On Me," with a subtle hint of soul in the sound and a perfect bass guitar, adds playfulness, and notes of resilience appear in the voice. This track is an anthem for everyone afraid to let go, afraid to move forward, and burdened by a sense of guilt.

The perfect track, a commercial sound, a gentle and relaxed voice... what else do you need for a hit? As a continuation, the struggle with one's own conscience in the track "Hopin' You'll Be Fine" personally evokes emotions and thoughts in me that such feelings also have a place, and they need to be accepted, talked about, and you will be understood. A lump in my throat arose from the track "Family". Something incredibly intimate and sensual, hope and liberation, passion and confidence in this track for me has almost tangible form. It's a formula for success that emerged from the desire to, day by day, find new listeners who will be touched by Limandi's music, just like me. The album concludes with the track "Where You're Heading To," signifying a new beginning and moving forward. I immensely enjoyed the unconventional performance, accelerated and vibrating, leaving almost a shock but in the best sense! This is exactly how albums stay in the mind, stirring up a hurricane of interest and grabbing hold. Limandi, describing herself as an urban storyteller, and I can fully support that. In a modern, stylish, professional, and high-quality manner, Limandi explores issues that resonate with everyone. Fearlessly pursuing her goal, Limandi proves to the world that being oneself is amazing.

So, Limandi, can I tell you that I'm thrilled? Indeed, your music is incredible and... amazingly high-quality sounding. Every instrument, every element is finely tuned to the smallest semitone. And the salute? I admit, I looked out the window, didn't understand who launches salutes in the morning. Haha! So realistic and pleasant to the ear. I'll put it on repeat because I'm now addicted to the album "FUCK. IT.", and I'll play it for all my friends. Thank you for giving strength to the world to find its own voice and speak out! Amazing!

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