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Grey Season - Valinor

Dear listener of perfect acoustic pop,

I have a cinematic 9-minute track for you, with complete immersion, courtesy of Grey Season. The track "Valinor" begins with waves and seagulls, then unfolds into an epic journey through alternative rock and dreamy landscapes.

This experimental, lengthy track seems to encapsulate the desires and style of an entire musical genre. "Valinor" is here for you to close your eyes and transport yourself to another world. Nine minutes of perfect deep bass, epic smoky vocals, percussion, and harmonies will engulf you just as they did me.

P.S. Hey Grey Season! I listened to the end :) Honestly, you guys are awesome! The guitars at the beginning aesthetically remind me of Twin Peaks, while the rhythm of the drums and the vocals transport me to the Scandinavian cliffs. Thank you for your music!

~ Yours sincerely,



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