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Grey Season visits Soundville!

Today, we have the band Grey Season as our special guests. They've shared secrets about creating the track 'Valinor,' discussed future plans, and talked about their participation in the autumn chart. Get ready for some revelations, friends! Could you tell us about the moment when you realized you wanted to create music together and what ideas emerged at that time?

Grey Season was founded in 2006 and lived through several iterations of genre changes and creative evolutions. In 2006, it was simply four school teens, wanting to create music together while also spending time jamming, joking and enjoying themselves. However, there was something special about the band, and Grey Season grew in ambition, in musical prowess, in solidity. The band’s lineup didn’t change as frequently as you may expect from its 17 years of existence, which stems from each musician’s unique contribution to the band’s sound. Grey Season saw numerous other local bands come and go, boosting the band members’ persistence and their commitment to Grey Season’s mix of sounds and genres.

What sources of inspiration underlie your new album and your music in general?

Grey Season’s sound has changed quite a lot in recent years. This was not an explicit decision but rather reflects the band members’ personal development and growth. We all drew from different sources of inspiration which makes the new sound very volatile and rich at the same time. We put a lot of thought into every single song, trying to narrate a story, inviting listeners to explore new territory and to go on a musical journey with us. Personally, we listen to different genres of music, ranging from Death and Doom Metal to Progressive Rock and more Experimental Music to Indie and Pop. We try to convey a wide range of feelings in our songs, and we hope that everybody who listens to the album can somehow connect the songs to their own emotional landscapes.

Could you share about the creative process behind "Valinor" and how it fits into the overall concept of your work?

The song was completely improvised as a part of jam session couple years ago. Roman (our guitar player) came with the opening riff, the band picked it up and we wrote the whole song structure throughout one rehearsal session. The vocal melodies changed a little bit while we recorded the song but it was pretty much one of the fastest and most organic songwriting process we ever experienced.

How do you envision the future of Grey Season after achieving such impressive success, and are there any new experiments you would like to try in future projects?

Unfortunately, Melencolia will be Grey Season’s final record. We decided to part ways shortly before we released the album. This was neither an easy nor a pain-free decision but it was nevertheless necessary. However, some of us have already found new creative homes and will surely not quit making music altogether. Thinking about Grey Season, we hope that our final album reaches an audience that can embrace its unique sound, and in a couple of years from now, we will be happy to look back and remember a joyful and fulfilling time.

Is there a special story or inspiration behind "Valinor" that you would like to share with your fans after its victory?

The title “Valinor” is inspired by J.R.R. Tolkiens mythical “land of the undying” described in his beautiful books but the lyrics are more about the loss of the loved one’s we all experience at some point of our existence and the deep rooted wish for a reunion with them after we leave this place towards the unknown.

What emotions and feelings overwhelm you, knowing that your song "Valinor" not only participated in the autumn chart but also won, capturing the hearts of listeners?

We are incredibly happy and grateful that we had the chance to not only participate in the autumn charts but that quite a few listeners voted for us. We hope that everybody had a good time listening to the songs and that they managed to carry you away whenever you needed a place to forget about your everyday worries and decelerate. Thanks to everyone who voted for us and enjoy the album!


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