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Hello London - Breathing In

Hello London is making a triumphant return with their mind-blowing new release. 'Breathing In' is a fiery single that exudes a powerful melancholic rock drive and an irresistible rhythm. This exceptional rock band continues to impress with their immense talent and unbelievably awesome rock music.

'Breathing In' is a heartfelt slow rock ballad that aims straight for your heart, mind, and life. Why? Because this release has the power to change your perception of rock music and offer a fresh perspective on the genre. The seductive bass, burning guitar, commanding drums, and liberated rock vocals seamlessly blend together, giving birth to a genuine rock phenomenon and crafting a bona fide hit.

Hello London possesses a profound understanding of authentic rock music. The fire and desire permeates through their notes and chords, captivating the listeners. Moreover, in their latest release, 'Breathing In,' Hello London demonstrates their ability to create the nostalgic, sad rock sound that captivates from the very first note and carries through to the last bar.

So, I'm ready to have 'Breathing In' playing in my headphones for the next day, because I'm captivated by the atmosphere, melancholic sound, groove and strong vocals. Honestly, this track gives me a feeling of pleasant nostalgia. And you? Haven't you listened to the new Hello London single yet? Oh listen, you'll be pleased.


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