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HIT PARADE: The Best Tracks of the Week

Welcome to our mega-cool hit parade, where we've gathered the most explosive tracks from mega-talented artists of various genres and styles exclusively for you. Let's go!

From the gentle sounds of electronica to the powerful chords of rock guitars, from the melancholy of folk to the fiery rhythms, our hit parade presents music capable of capturing your hearts and minds.

Our hit parade stars:

"Dream Eraser" by No Lights – if you're ready to dive into dark vibes and savor every note, this track is for you. "Crazy" by Little Lies – a light and unique track that blends chill pop with dream-pop and synthesizer sounds. Are you ready for an amazing vocal experience? "On and On" by Monday – a soft and relaxing track that will turn your morning into moments of tranquility and dreaminess. "Parallax" by Gold Stars For Everyone – add this track to your playlist, it will make you dance at any party or simply lift your mood to the sky. And finally, "Cuanto" by Gerardo Amorin – a romantic and cinematic alternative rock track that will be a true gem for your playlist.

So keep your headphones handy...

...Let the party begin!

"Dream Eraser" by No Lights @nolightsband

If you're looking for something to immerse yourself in dark vibes, then "Dream Eraser" by No Lights is the way to go. This track is so cool, it'll make you freeze in your tracks and savor every note. The vocal harmonies here are just bomb! It's super atmospheric and memorable. Dive in and soak up its dark mood. Whether you're dancing alone in your room or cruising down the highway with the windows down, this track is sure to lift your spirits and keep you coming back for more.


"Crazy" by Little Lies @littleliesofficial

Looking for something light and unique? Then head straight to Little Lies. Their track "Crazy" is a blend of chill pop with hints of dream pop and synth sounds. The vocals on this track are truly unique, unlike anything you've heard before. It's the kind of track you want to listen to over and over again. "Crazy" immediately grabs your attention with its infectious beat and catchy hooks. The shimmering synths create a mesmerizing atmosphere that transports you to a world of blissful reverie.


"On and On" by Monday

If you're in the mood for something especially soft and relaxing, then "On and On" by Monday is just what you need. This track is so gentle and slow, it'll turn any of your mornings into moments of calmness and dreaminess. Listening to it, you can simply unwind and forget about everything else in the world. So, if you're in need of a musical escape or simply craving a fresh addition to your playlist, look no further than  "On and On" by Monday.


"Parallax" by Gold Stars For Everyone @goldstars4everyone

Ready to add a track to your playlist that'll get you dancing? "Parallax" by Gold Stars For Everyone is exactly what you need for any summer evening. With its mix of synth and indie-rock, the track literally rocks with its hooky melodies and excellent vocals. It creates an atmosphere of fun and lifts your spirits to the sky. Listen to "Parallax" and enjoy every moment - perfect for parties or just to lift your mood!


"Cuanto" by Gerardo Amorin @gerardo_amorin

And last but certainly not least, give it up for "Cuanto" by Gerardo Amorin. This alternative rock track exudes a romantic and cinematic vibe, reminiscent of a lullaby. It's the kind of track you'll want to play to savor every minute of its sound. A true gem for your playlist! Whether you're winding down after a long day or embarking on a late-night drive, this track serves as the perfect soundtrack to accompany your moments of reflection and relaxation.

Keep your headphones close and your playlist handy because these tracks are a real musical cocktail for your mood! Don't forget to add them to your playlists and share with friends. Catch you at our next epic sound session!

~ Yours sincerely, SoundVille


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