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HIT PARADE: The Best Tracks of the Week

Welcome to our fresh hit parade, where we have compiled for you the best musical novelties from the brightest stars of today. In this hit parade, you will find tracks of various genres - from stylish pop and sensual acoustics to relaxing indie pop and vivid folk country. Here, everyone will find something for themselves, whether it be dreamy melodies or energetic rhythms. Join us, and let the music fill your day!

Our hit parade stars:

Opening our hit parade is the track "Fruit Tree" by Rose Hotel. This stylish piece, with its inspiring slow mood, stands out with cool harmonies and amazing vocals. Following it is "The Joker And The Queen" by Cormac Thompson, a dreamy and romantic acoustic track with a sad note, striking with its uniqueness and amazing vocals. Third place is taken by "One More Night" by Tessa Dalton, an indie pop track imbued with a sense of dreaminess and serenity, perfectly suited for a relaxed atmosphere. "I Can’t Have You" by KAH brings lively folk country notes to the hit parade with a bright rhythm and captivating vocals, making it not only dreamy but also positive. Closing the hit parade is the track "She Believes in You" by Naty Jane, a magical mix of acoustics, indie, and pop with powerful vocals and epic sound, creating an unforgettable atmosphere for dreaming and enjoying every moment.

So keep your headphones handy...

...Let the party begin!

"Fruit Tree" by Rose Hotel

Kicking off our weekly hit parade is the track "Fruit Tree" by Rose Hotel. It's something else! Commercial, contemporary, stylish, and flawless soft sound that immediately penetrates the heart and warms it. The stylish vocals make the track stand out, and the harmonies will make you sing along. This track will not only make you enjoy its soft and swaying sound but also inspire new achievements. Give it a listen and don’t hesitate to add it to your favorites!


"The Joker And The Queen" by Cormac Thompson @iamcormacthompson

I’m excited to bring you the next track! If you’re looking for something romantic and a bit sad, then "The Joker And The Queen" by Cormac Thompson is your choice. This acoustic track combines stylish pop vocals with soft, sad melodies that touch the soul. Cormac’s vocals are truly unique and add a special charm to the track. Perfect for an evening relax or a walk under the stars.


"One More Night" by Tessa Dalton @daltontessa

Tessa Dalton is a bright star in our hit parade! Friends, if you need music for chill and relaxation, then "One More Night" by Tessa Dalton is what you need. Tender, summery, and dreamy music that brings serenity and helps to disconnect from the hustle and bustle. This indie pop track is like a breeze by the sea — refreshing and soothing at the same time. An excellent choice for those seeking lightness and peace.


"I Can’t Have You" by KAH @thisiskahmusic

Next, you’ll be inspired by stylish country! Guys, if you like folk and country, check out the track "I Can’t Have You" by KAH. It's a dreamy, lively, and very positive track with a unique sound and a bright rhythm. The vocals and harmonies here are simply captivating, and the style and hook will leave you anything but indifferent. This is the track that lifts your mood and makes you tap your foot. Don't miss it!


"She Believes in You" by Naty Jane @natyjaane

Closing our hit parade is the track "She Believes in You" by Naty Jane is a cinematic and stylish acoustic piece, seasoned with indie and pop atmospheres. The dreamy, tender mood of the track with powerful vocals and a chill sound is stunning. Naty's vocals captivate, and the hooks in the melody are unforgettable. Perfect for those who love to dream and enjoy every moment. Set yourself up for an unforgettable evening with this track!


And here we reach the end of our weekly hit parade! I hope these tracks have given you plenty of positive emotions and inspiration. Save them to your playlists, share with friends, and return to them whenever you want to experience these unique moments again. We won't say goodbye for long! We'll meet soon in a new issue, where we will again surprise you with the freshest and most exciting tracks.

Take care of yourselves and your mood, and see you soon in our musical world on Soundville!


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