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HIT PARADE: The Best Tracks of the Week

Welcome to our mega-cool weekly hit parade, where we've gathered the most explosive tracks from mega-talented artists of various genres and styles just for you. Are you ready to dive into the stunning world of music? Let's go!

From the gentle sounds of electronica to the powerful chords of rock guitars, from the melancholy of folk to the fiery rhythms of R&B, our hit parade presents music capable of winning over your hearts and minds.

Our hit parade stars:

Maddy Little with the track "Attention," representing the genre's classic and incredible depth of sound.

bandcalledbeach x The Planetoids with "house on fire," a modern and stylish track that captivates attention with its infectious rhythm.

Liminal Shade, whose "Falling" blends electronics with seductive vocals, causing excitement and delight among listeners.

KALON, presenting "Catch The Wave," perfect indie rock with a cinematic sound and memorable hooks.

Sumer Powell, whose "Relapse" sounds light and tender, transporting you to a world of pleasant thoughts.

And finally, Appalachia Moderna with the track "Playing With Ghosts," a vivid representative of folk music that creates the perfect atmosphere for relaxation and inspiration.

So keep your headphones handy and get ready for an incredible experience.

Let the party begin!


Attention by Maddy Little

Opening our hit parade of the week's best tracks is "Attention" by Maddy Little. Classic of the genre, style, and delight. The tender voice of the singer emphasizes the perfection of sound and the incredible depth and melancholy of the sound. This track rightfully opens our selection, it exudes incredible inner energy, and flawless production immediately elevates the track to the top spot. Perfect and stylish, memorable and unique. The strong voice of the singer gains momentum to stay in your consciousness forever. Woaw!


house on fire by bandcalledbeach x The Planetoids

Next up in our hit parade is the experimental, indie pop track "House on Fire" by bandcalledbeach x The Planetoids. Get ready for a stylish and flawless sound! The breathtaking production, modern and stylish track structure make the heart beat faster, and the catchy rhythm captures attention. It feels like a fire is about to ignite, eagerly awaiting the chorus to enjoy the bright flash of sound. Genuine excitement for new and original music. Perfect!


Falling by Liminal Shade

Moving on to the next track, "Falling" by Liminal Shade. This electronica with its slow and seductive vocals makes the heart beat faster. I'm sure you haven't heard anything quite like it with its bright and fast rhythm that pulls you into its almost cyber atmosphere, while the light voice, like a deity of the neon world, hovers over the textured melody. Perfectly modern, stylish, unusual, and unique! An ideal track to wake up from sleep in a world of routine and monotony. Cool!


Catch The Wave by KALON

I can't keep quiet about the track "Catch The Wave" by KALON. The highlight of our hit parade of the week's best tracks presents you with the perfect indie rock, where a light touch of retro sound, gritty texture creates an absolutely cinematic sound. The vocals hover slowly in perfect arrangement, creating a sense of something new yet familiar. Experience the delight of the verses where innovative performance and new vocal patterns will capture your attention. Hooks, style, gripping... it's all there to make this track your favorite in the playlist.

Relapse by Sumer

Now, feel the perfect sound of light R&B soul and gentle tones that penetrate the soul and soothe the mind. The delicate and light track "Relapse" by Sumer immediately grabs attention. Her whispering voice eclipses everything around, creating a sensitive atmosphere of tenderness and passionate dances. "Relapse" is the perfect track to disconnect from the world and enjoy the most pleasant moments of the day, immersing oneself fully into one's thoughts.


Playing With Ghosts by Appalachia Moderna

Concluding our hit parade is the track "Playing With Ghosts" by Appalachia Moderna. Crafted in the finest traditions of folk music, "Playing With Ghosts" creates the perfect atmosphere. Bright guitars, a memorable rhythm, gentle movements of sound, and textures make this track my favorite for simply catching one's breath and enjoying the moment. Tenderness and style, lightness and impeccable performance linger in the mind for a long time. It seems that everything in this world is subject only to the sound of Appalachia Moderna, and I am absolutely amazed by it!


Keep vibing to the tunes of great artists, feel free to explore fresh musical genres, and get ready for the upcoming exhilarating edition of our Hit Parade. Catch you at our next epic sound session, Jedi!

~ Yours sincerely, SoundVille


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