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HIT PARADE: Powerful Rock Anthems

Hello Music Lovers,

Me and the boys threw a rock party, and these tracks blew our minds! It was the best thing of the evening! And now I'm sharing them with you so that you can experience their ROCK too!

In today's hit parade:

Sekond Skyn "Small"

Tsunamiz "Kairos" Nothing but a Nightmare "The Old Days"


Sekond Skyn "Small"

Real gloomy guitars with delay and cymbal overflows create a gloomy atmosphere, and a grunge voice, deliberately hoarse, creates a feeling of gloomy anxiety. Slow progression makes for an absolutely powerful scream crescendo. Here fire, sex, and rock.

Tsunamiz "Kairos"

Mixing genres allows this track to stand out and shine in the rock genre brighter than the rest. A groovy rhythm with lyrical vocals creates an atmosphere of something experimental and familiar at the same time. The sexy rhythm is replaced by a groovy and cheerful one, allowing you to enjoy all the colors of this track. Cool!

Nothing but a Nightmare "The Old Days"

Amazing piano and drums with the purest pop-rock vocals take you to another world. The amazing pop-rock atmosphere instills a sense of hope and joy in the soul. The musician's voice merges with the music and rises to a crescendo supported by the violins. The strongest track, penetrating the soul and heart. Intensity of emotions!

PS. Guys, you are awesome, thank you for your amazing tracks!

~ Yours sincerely,



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