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HIT PARADE: The Best Tracks of the Week

Welcome to our mega cool hit parade, where we've specially curated the most explosive tracks from the coolest artists of the week just for you. Let's go!

From the lightness of commercial and modern sounds to the vibrant and romantic melodies of alt-pop, from the gentle rhythms of R&B and hip-hop to the energetic chords of country rock and cinematic acoustic vibes, our hit parade has everything to make your day!

Our hit parade stars:

Opening the hit parade is "Summer of Soul" by The Bogmen, a commercial and cool track filled with summer lightness and romance.

Following is "one heart" by RÊVERIE, a vibrant alt-pop track with unique vocals that blend stylish pop vocals with a tender and melancholic atmosphere, complemented by bright electronic beats.

Next in the hit parade is "Makaveli's Son" by Sheen, a tender and summery track with chill R&B and hip-hop rhythms, perfect for the most sensitive party.

Then comes "Drag Me Down" by Tahnee Rose, an energetic and stylish country rock track with a unique sound and bright rhythm that immediately grabs you.

Closing our hit parade is "Keep On" by Brock Davis, a track in the acoustic and Americana genre that dazzles with its tenderness, powerful vocals, and cinematic atmosphere.

So keep your headphones handy...

...Let the party begin!


"Summer of Soul" by The Bogmen @THEBOGMEN

Wow, folks, if you haven't heard "Summer of Soul" by The Bogmen yet, you're missing out! This track immediately captures your soul and lifts your spirits. It's commercial and modern, literally infused with summer lightness and romance. Imagine a warm summer evening, sitting by the sea with friends, and this track playing in the background. The bright sound and gentle melodies create an atmosphere of carefree dreaminess. It's the kind of song that stays with you for a long time, evoking only pleasant memories. In short, if you need something to boost your mood and inspire dreams, "Summer of Soul" is your perfect choice!


"one heart" by RÊVERIE @reverienow

"one heart" by RÊVERIE is a true gift for all alt-pop lovers. This track combines stylish pop vocals with a tender and melancholic atmosphere, spiced with bright electronic beats. The uniqueness and originality of this track grab you from the very first seconds. The vocals are simply magical, penetrating the heart and making you feel every moment. It's one of those songs that you want to listen to over and over again, finding something new and special each time. Perfect for those who seek something vibrant, romantic, and dreamy. A true must-have in your playlist!


"Makaveli's Son" by Sheen @sheen2clean

"Makaveli's Son" by Sheen is a track that is perfect for a chill party or just for relaxed downtime. The combination of gentle, summery, and light sounds with R&B and hip-hop rhythms creates an incredibly groovy effect. It's one of those songs you can listen to on repeat, enjoying every beat. Stylish and passionate, this track gives a sense of dreaminess and relaxation. It's perfect for evening strolls around the city or nights out with friends.


"Drag Me Down" by Tahnee Rose @tahneerose_

Country rock is alive and thriving with "Tahnee Rose" by Drag Me Down! This track is pure fire! Bright, energetic, and stylish, it hooks you from the first chords. The unique sound and vibrant rhythm make it a real hit. The vocals with harmonies are something special, adding even more charm and charisma to the track. This song is perfect for those who love groove and energetic music. "Tahnee Rose" is an explosion of emotions and energy, perfect for getting you hyped and energized.


"Keep On" by Brock Davis @brockdavisband

"Keep On" by Brock Davis is the track that makes you dream and savor every moment. In the genre of acoustic and Americana, this track impresses with its tenderness and powerful vocals. The chill sound and catchy hooks captivate from the first listen. The track's atmosphere is cinematic and stylish, making it an ideal choice for those who love to immerse themselves in music and forget everything else. "Keep On" is a song you want to listen to over and over, enjoying its melody and gentleness. A true gift for all music lovers!


Keep your headphones handy and your playlist ready, because these tracks are a true musical cocktail for your mood! From summer lightness and romance to energetic and stylish sounds, these songs will fill your day with vibrant emotions and a dreamy atmosphere. Don't forget to add them to your playlists and share them with friends. See you in our next hit parade of the best tracks of the week!

Take care of yourselves and your mood, and see you soon in our musical world on Soundville!


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