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I Love You (but I Hate Myself)

An ode to love, pain, and the melancholic everyday life, the talented Jack in Water presents the new single 'I Love You (but I Hate Myself).' This melancholic and tearful song is filled with haunting piano keys, capturing the essence of gray everyday existence.

This new single from Jack in Water possesses the remarkable ability to inspire, stir tears, and deeply resonate with listeners through the profound work of a musician who intimately understands the essence of true melancholy. Jack in Water, aka William Clapson, grew up in a village in Essex, UK, immersed in his parents' diverse musical influences. His father introduced him to melancholic and dramatic bands like Radiohead and the Blue Nile. At his mother's house, he absorbed the powerful voices of R&B and soul icons like Aretha Franklin and Diana Ross. This combination of post-rock melancholy instrumentation and soulful vocals became the driving force behind his music.

So, I must express my shock and surprise. It has been a long time since I've encountered such beautiful and lyrical music. The performance is truly amazing... Have you had the opportunity to listen to it yet? I implore you to do so, for it is guaranteed to make you weep and undergo a spiritual rebirth. I highly recommend it.


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