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Indoor Shoes - Queen Victoria

The UK-based indie rock band, Indoor Shoes, recently released their EP titled "Queen Victoria," which features the incredible single of the same name.

Listening to this track is like attending your best friend's house party; you feel at ease, engrossed in the stories of your companions, and simply perfect. The song's harmonious blend of soft guitars, warm bass, and lively drums creates an atmosphere that envelops you in comfort, as if the band is playing right in your room. Indoor Shoes exudes a captivating madness that will leave you yearning for more.

Evan, the lead vocalist, weaves a captivating tale that draws listeners in and leaves them spellbound. With a sound that is both fresh and familiar, the group effortlessly blends elements of popular and youthful music to create a truly immersive experience. The song's catchy hooks and youthful energy make it a perfect fit for soundtracks or TV series, with its cinematic feel and playful vibe.

So, the track 'Queen Victoria' has won my heart and set my mood. How about you? Haven't listened to it yet? Do yourself a favor and hit play now! Even the royal family from two continents has already given it a listen, and I hope you will too! Heh.


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