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Invyher - Unity

Dear listener, you know, I was deeply moved by the story of two musicians, Tadej and Robert. They work in the rock music genre, release music, live and breathe it, but you might wonder what the fuss is all about? Their story reflects the incredibly challenging path of indie musicians searching for their place in this sometimes closed-off and selfish world of the music industry.

When Tadej and Robert first met, I'm sure nobody suspected that their passion for music would lead to such an amazing journey. Right from the start, they found a common language through melodies and chords. Their musical passions aligned, yet each brought their unique style to this friendship. Initially part of the group "Scanziani," Tadej and Robert later joined forces under the name INVYHER, selecting their best songs to rewrite and unify into the album "Unity." However, despite what seemed like an easy decision at first glance, the recording process turned out to be full of trials.

During the album recording process, Tadej and Robert encountered significant challenges. Their passion for music intertwined with responsibilities to their families, jobs, and other aspects of life. This meant they had extremely limited time for recording. Moreover, what began in the studio ended up in a room, and trust me, that was an incredible challenge! These difficulties evolved into something more than just obstacles - they became part of their creative process. However, each time they faced hardships, their friendship and love for music helped them overcome all barriers. Tadej and Robert supported each other, discovered new ways to solve problems, and found inspiration in their collaborative work.

Their perseverance and dedication to their art bore fruit. The powerful guitar riffs and unrestrained drum rhythm in the track "Invyher" immediately ignite and reflect a true fiery rock passion. A vivid wolf with a classic rock sound spins your head in the track "Deamons." It's as if the challenges only added fuel to the fire, which blazed into an unstoppable inferno within the album. Incredibly stylish, passionate, and seductive rock in the track "Chrysanths" is executed in the finest traditions of the rock genre, completely captivating with its powerful vocals and melodic hooks. It's the perfect rock that drives me wild.

As the album nears its end, the music grows stronger and brighter. I can't help but mention the mastery in the track "On My Way." The incredible command of instruments creates a powerful rock wave fit for grand stages and stadiums. I'm sure this track will ignite everyone's hearts with its flawless riffs. The final track, "Sonce preganja temo," starting with an orchestral introduction and a monologue, gives me goosebumps. Oh my! It transports me to a world of gothic rock, a metal atmosphere where my consciousness dissolves into the fast-paced rock rhythm, and... nothing else matters! When the last note was recorded, "Unity" became a symbol of INVYHER strength, patience, and mutual support. The band tell a story of struggle, redemption, and an unwavering belief in themselves. Their message urges never to give up because even the darkest night in life will inevitably be followed by the most colorful and vibrant dawn. Such is life, dear reader! The experience of creating the album "Unity" bonded the musicians even tighter and made their musical legacy even more precious.

Well, guys, the title says it all! It's incredible how this kind of music hits right at the core when you realize the immense effort put into these 7 tracks, reflecting years of hard work and experience. Oh, Tadej and Robert, thank you for releasing such an astounding album. After listening, I feel an incredible surge of strength and energy, as if I've been charged with the most fiery elixir in life! You guys rock!

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