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Izira Burley - These Feelings

New York-based artist Izira Burley, a singer, songwriter and performer, released a single titled "These Feelings".

She started singing and learned to play various instruments including, piano and guitar. After graduating high school, she began songwriting as a way to express her deepest emotions. She shares her experiences with love and life through her music and heartfelt lyrics.From the moment the slow and soothing melody starts, listeners are transported to a place of pure love and adoration. The vocals are heartfelt and emotional, conveying the depth of the singer's feelings.

The song captures the feeling of being completely in the moment with the person you love, cherishing every little thing about them. "These Feelings" is a lovely and heartfelt song that captures the essence of love in a slow and emotional way. It's perfect for anyone looking to indulge in a feel-good love story, and will leave listeners feeling warm and fuzzy inside.


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