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Quarter After - lyncs

Track "Quarter After" by singer Lyncs (Jacqueline Hynes) is a true pop-dream that charges you with positivity for the entire day. The commercial pop sound drowns in synth echoes to bring the rising pop star onto the stage.

American singer/songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, Jacqueline Hynes, aka Lyncs, brings her own blend of daydream choruses, indie-rock vocals, and star-like textures to the forefront. Her powerful, yet wholesome, songwriting showcases her strengths in taking a single moment and blowing it up to a heart-string anthem. Since 2018 she’s been telling her story to try and find what connects us all.

Born Jacqueline Hynes, the Lancaster, PA native made her public debut releasing, “The Safety EP”, which hit music blogs and playlists across digital platforms.

So, I'm happy, inspired and calm to the sound of this track.

I added to my playlist, how about you?

Please listen to this track. You will remain satisfied. Trust me.


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