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Jade by Scott Clay

Dear listener of profound and sensual albums, I have found for you an amazing musician, Scott Clay! Releasing sensual music, Scott Clay is ready to present his new album "Jade." Through 11 tracks, Scott Clay will lead you and all listeners around the world through a deep and emotional journey. Under the unique and stylish timbre of Scott Clay, you will experience a sense of complete dissolution, hypnotic allure, and a feeling of total freedom. You know, it was precisely this that struck me most when I first heard his music. In his performance, somewhere between the phrases, in the notes, there is a sense of carefree freedom that draws you in. I believe that Scott Clay has put more into this new album than he says. Why do I think so? It is quite challenging to compile a track list in such a way that the sequence of tracks introduces different emotional states, and thoughts follow from one to another easily and naturally. And Scott Clay has managed to do it! Each track on "Jade" has a special atmosphere that hits the mark immediately. With a wealth of performance experience and music creation behind him, Scott Clay has truly come into his own as a lyricist, psychologist, and outstanding musician of acoustic music on his new album.

Get ready, because we are starting our complete detachment from reality with the first track “One For The Road”. This track is one of the main singles and it immediately sets the tone and mood for the music’s movement throughout the entire album. Bright rhymes, a strong message, and a flawless melody instantly spark interest and the desire to hear more. I like how the carefree mood transitions to slow ballads “Wildfire” and “Walk You Home”. Melancholy creeps into my heart as I listen to these tracks. The bright guitars, the mix of acoustic and electric guitar immediately grab attention, and the full pop vocal with lush harmonies make “Walk You Home” so stylish! Then, in “Burning For You” the melody seems to transform, and in Scott Clay’s voice emerges a persistence and ambition. It’s amazing how Scott Clay masters his voice and showcases different shades of his sound. Closer to the middle of the album, when a steadfast sense of relaxation and complete detachment from the fast-paced reality begins, the track “The Painter” starts. Overdriven guitars blend with the acoustic guitar and keys, and the neat, light, and emotional vocal make this track my favorite. Incredible vocal harmonies in the chorus and the slow development of the melody amplify the power of the lyrics in this track. I dare say that this is the most cinematic and heart-wrenching song on the album, which could easily become the soundtrack to a popular streaming series. It's incredible…

Scott Clay plays with rhythms, instruments, and harmonies, and most importantly, he very carefully changes the mood of the album. In “Lightning Strikes,” there's a bright and full sound that to me feels like a true live performance. Oh, what a strong and sensual voice! I I absolutely love the light rawness in the vocals in this track. It draws you in and seems to invite the song into your heart. Nearing the end of the album, we are greeted by the titular “Jade.” It is here that the full power of Scott Clay's sound is completely unveiled. The fusion of multiple instruments, harmonies, and styles, highlighted by Scott Clay’s unique and bright vocals, leaves a feeling of complete hope in the soul. Despite the sensual melancholy, listening to “Jade” gives a sense that everything will undoubtedly be alright. The album concludes on the same note with the track “El Tiempo Dira (Time Will Tell).” Here, a wonderful female vocal sounds, bringing a smile to your face. Really! I don’t know why, but it made me want to cry and smile at the same time - such was the perfection of this move. Oh, what an amazing album “Jade” is and what a flawless duet at the finale! And now imagine listening to Scott Clay live! And that's easy to verify. Be sure to follow Scott Clay on social networks to not miss the dates of his upcoming tour with the album.

So, Scott Clay, thank you for creating such amazing music. You know, when I listened, I constantly felt pulled into a very tender and light melancholy, but at the same time, the light feeling of brightness, tenderness, and the excellent finale prevented me from completely melting away. I also noticed that the blend of acoustic guitar and electric guitar seemed to reflect your ability and mastery of voice. Sometimes your voice resembled an electric guitar, strong, bright, assertive, and breaking through, and sometimes your vocals took on a completely tender and airy sound, almost like pop, so similar to an acoustic guitar. Oh, maybe I'm fantasizing, but it really seemed that way to me, and it really struck a chord with me. Thank you for putting so much effort, time, and inspiration into this release! "Jade" turned out simply stunning, I'm thrilled, I'm your fan. If we're in your area with friends, we'll definitely come to your concert! Love it!

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