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James Blonde - FOMO

James Blonde has entered the big arena of music with their new single "FOMO". Drift, power and madness - that's what James Blonde is all about.

The band is described by its following as a sound that resonates through generations. Their message gives light to the struggle, the celebration, the human condition, disenchantment and obsession, to a sometimes dark but always dance-worthy beat. Taking influence from bands such as Muse, Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand, Billy Talent & MGMT, James Blonde does a perfect job at taking its listeners on an emotional journey through the subtle weaving of confessional songwriting, High-octane rock guitar, electric pop groove and funky bass.

Making their grand entrance onto the music scene in their hometown of Niagara Falls on NYE 2017, with their first concert as James Blonde, they opened for Sam Roberts Band and Serena Ryder. So let's turn up the volume and and get the party, shall we?


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