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SANNIA - James

SANNIA is a singer whose life has become a wellspring of inspiration for many. She traversed a challenging path, facing difficulties in self-acceptance and a broken heart. This experience served as a kind of initiation for her, through which she reconstructed her self-belief. Her music became a mirror of this path: words infused with emotions and sincerity not only reflect personal experiences but also her own struggle for inner strength and self-acceptance. "James," her debut album, was created with the support of her family and listeners. She worked on this album for five years, collaborating with producers and friends. Each song on this album is filled with emotions and wisdom that she gained along the road to recovery. Her drive to believe in herself and sing boldly again is reflected in the music.

The tracks "love you like" and "trigger" are light, pop-oriented songs, filled with airiness and freshness, not yet tainted by disappointments. SANNIA's vocals in these tracks are light and tender, like a reflection of a moment when everything is still filled with purity and openness to new experiences. It's an innocent and sunny sound that instills optimism and hints at boundless possibilities. The track "Don't You Know?" is a collaborative project with LANKS. It's the perfect pop track that elegantly and stylishly conveys the emotions of the modern soul. This song serves as a bridge between contemporary feelings and sound, reflecting the unique energy and mood of our time. The voices of LANKS and SANNIA intertwine harmoniously, creating a musical image that not only captures attention but also resonates with those seeking inner strength and genuine emotions. After this track, there's a pivotal moment: SANNIA's voice becomes contemplative, taking on deeper tones and low jazz registers, as heard in tracks like "the good ones," as if a pink soap bubble suddenly bursts.

This musical shift reflects changes in the emotional spectrum and inner world of the artist. Through each note and word, a new facet and depth emerge, such as in the track "awake," guiding the listener into a more introspective and profound listening experience. As if undergoing a journey of maturation, SANNIA unveils herself to the world as a completely new artist, capable of refining her sound and experimenting with genres and styles.

In the final track, "go and get over - james version," the piano accompanies the singer's voice, creating an image of tranquility and coziness that permeate every note during the listening experience. This musical combination evokes a sense of serenity and comfort, as if warmth and peace resonate within each note. This concluding moment gives the song a sense of completeness and leaves a tranquil aftertaste in the listener's heart. SANNIA poured five years of life and numerous experiences into this music.

The debut album "James" begins with lightness and innocence, traverses life's varied moments, and culminates in passionate soul, jazz, and acoustic tracks, speaking to the singer's complete integrity and inner self-assurance. Because every note in the album, like an embrace, speaks of comfort and support. SANNIA's desire is for every listener to feel safe and realize they're not alone.

The album "James" becomes a sort of supportive message, aiming to warm hearts and shed light into those corners of the soul where loneliness or fear may lurk. It's a sound filled with warmth and understanding, where every note feels like an embrace, whispering, "You're not alone. You're safe here."

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