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Jim Malloy - Fragile Lies

Dear listener of perfect alt indie,

I've found a track for you that will immerse you in the most cherished memories. Turn on the track "Fragile Lies" by Jim Malloy, and feel the warmth and nostalgia of every beat and perfect vocal. It's like I've disconnected from the world. You know how cool that is?

The light vocals, liberated and sensual sound, create a soulful ballad that you want to replay and listen to over and over again, it's just perfect! The perfect development of the track pushes towards reflection and complete immersion in thoughts. Turn it on and experience it!

P.S. Hey Jim Malloy! Thank you for releasing such perfect music that captivates and immerses so deeply into the best memories. I incredibly love it and I want more and more of your music. I adore it!

~ Yours sincerely,



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