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Jonathan Young - Fight the Tide

Hello dear Music Lover, I can't contain my excitement and can't stop listening to something incredibly rock, gothic, and power-packed! Yes, you heard it right—pure epic rock infused with elements of classic rock, medieval vibes, and a strong metal edge.

The track 'Fight the Tide' from the collaboration of musicians Jonathan Young x Colm R McGuinness x Judge & Jury is an absolute gem.

The musicians infuse the air and atmosphere with a medieval rock vibe, entwined with uplifting vocals that soar and descend, delighting me.

Fiery guitar riffs and subtle trumpets in the background combine with a gentle flute, merging seamlessly with a powerful epic groove. I not only recommend but insist on listening to 'Fight the Tide.' It offers pure pleasure and embodies the essence of real rock, destined for grand stages and vibrant festivals.

PS: Hello Jonathan Young x Colm R McGuinness x Judge & Jury! Thank you for delivering such a potent metal sound and creating an epic atmosphere. And now I'm going to destroy under your track Ghouls in "The Witcher" game. Keep rocking!

~ Yours sincerely, SoundVille


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