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Julia Lostrom - High Vibrations

Julia Lostrom is a Zambian-Greek singer, songwriter, and vocal producer based in Melbourne, Australia. Her music is a sensual blend of alternative pop and R&B, creating an intimate connection with listeners through her enchanting melodies and introspective lyrics.

The latest single "High Vibrations" is a mesmerizing and sultry tune, perfect for a neon-lit party. Each word sung by the artist is intertwined with pure emotion and a seductive rhythm. This ethereal piece of art transports the listener from the confines of reality to a serene lakeside retreat near a countryside residence, where one can bask in its gentle allure.

Recognized by well-known platforms, Julia Lostrom's work has received well-deserved recognition from companies such as BBC Radio 1 and The Guardian. Julia's prowess as a songwriter and vocal producer is not limited to her solo endeavors. She has worked alongside respected artists such as Otosan, Jono and Dugong Jr., contributing to their projects and earning millions of plays.

So, I absolutely adore Julia Lostrom's single, 'High Vibrations.' It's an absolutely mind-blowing track that completely transports you away from the ordinary. Can you believe you haven't heard it yet? Oh, you must give it a listen soon, and... let's dance?


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