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Katrina Maree - Traveling In My Mind

Katrina Maree, a remarkably talented singer, has recently released her second EP, entitled 'Traveling In My Mind'. The EP perfectly showcases Katrina's sincere and sentimental style, interwoven with mystical and magical elements. Through this music, listeners are invited to embark on a journey through Katrina's imaginative mind, which is abundant with unique, creative, and philosophical meanings.

From the very first track, Katrina Maree seamlessly combines folk music with elements of the Middle Ages, all set against the backdrop of a rock arrangement complete with twangy guitars. As soon as she begins to sing, it becomes clear that Maree's voice is that of a masterful storyteller, ready to take listeners on a long and winding journey through her music. The second track, titled 'The Fun Bus,' is a bright and unforgettable composition. Its playful rhythm and lively melody create an immersive experience that leaves the listener feeling lost in a mixture of genres. It's a work of true art that has no equal.

Katrina Maree continues to explore her sound and pushes her musical boundaries with each new track. In 'Nasty You And Nasty Me,' she delves into the world of hard rock, unleashing her demanding and ominous voice over the heavy groove of the guitars. Through the 'Traveling In My Mind,' Katrina Maree proves that she is an incredibly talented artist who can expertly combine various genres to create something truly unique and unforgettable.

As the final EP draws nearer, the sound becomes darker, with a more minor and jazzy feel. The alternative rock track, 'Traveling In My Mind,' expertly conveys a mood that is both pulling, sexy, and playful, complete with divine harmonious backing vocals. The EP's structure is reminiscent of a fairy tale or medieval ballad, where the listener is cast as the main hero and must face obstacles such as loneliness, emotional wounds, and torment.

However, the final track, 'Cry Our Tears Together,' sounds like freedom and liberation. Its light, bright, and magical composition conveys a depth of emotions with gentle and lyrical vocals set against a crying guitar and piano. The journey comes full circle with the final track, which is again in the genre of folk rock, almost as if the cycle has completed itself. It feels as if the Phoenix has risen from the ashes, with the EP ending on a triumphant and uplifting note.

Katrina Maree has created a thoughtful and conceptual journey that everyone should experience, regardless of their musical preferences. In 'Traveling In My Mind', the world she has crafted feels alive and unique, leaving the listener eager to return with each new track. As you listen to the EP, it becomes clear that Katrina Maree possesses a secret knowledge that imbues each track with its own character, meaning, strength, and emotional depth. From the first few seconds, listeners are enveloped in a rich and immersive musical experience that leaves a lasting impression. Must listen.

So I'm excited and insanely inspired.

And you? Turn on the EP and you'll be crazy about it!


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