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The single "TIME OF YOUR LIFE" from musician KAYKO will set you in a summer and groovy mood. Just try it and you won't be able to stop listening to KAYKO's music.

Born in a fluorescent paint explosion, KAYKO tells stories that aim to tap into your most profound and emotionally charged memories. KAYKO radiates a bouncy euphoria by mixing the new age alternative rock sonic palette with the rawness of classic singer/songwriter pop to give you the warm nostalgic feeling you never knew you craved.

YBFFB uses the foundational roots of theater as a way to create compelling, keyboard based, story-driven, adult contemporary pop. KAYKO believes that we live to make the world a better place for those we love and those to come. KAYKO is a message of kindness, empathy, and joy. The goal is to leave a smile and a full heart for those who listen.

So, are you intrigued already? Turn it on!


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