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Laveda - A Place You Grew Up In

Laveda's track, 'A Place You Grew Up In', impresses with its tender and elusive nature, like the softness of the predawn haze. The retro sound is presented within a modern dream pop soundscape.

Drawing a post-apocalyptic landscape through layers of colourful sound and ethereal melodies, the band fused polished pop clarity with ‘90s guitar sounds reminiscent of groups like The Sundays or My Bloody Valentine. Dubbed as “a young band with a fully realised voice and perspective” by NYC’s Look At My Records!, the album saw Laveda attract praise across the US and beyond.

Tapping into all the angst and anxiety that accompanies coming-of-age during bleak and uncertain times, ‘A Place You Grew Up In’ acts like a time-capsule of its inception period, exploring a range of themes from the loss of innocence to the struggles of coming to grips with reality.

So, this is a beautiful song that needs to be heard. Are you ready?


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