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Left Iris - Crash

Finn O'Reilly, a musician, singer-songwriter, and the director behind his own musical band, known as Left Iris, has recently unveiled his latest single, 'Crash.' This track is a captivating blend of synth elements, modern indie vibes, and nostalgic retro elements that compel you to pause and savor the moment.

The single 'Crash' effortlessly captures a carefree summer ambiance, intertwining funky chords, electronic samples, and an infectious indie rhythm that defies replication. By merging vibrant rhythms and 80s-inspired sounds with contemporary vocals and meticulous track processing, Left Iris crafts a cosmic delight that resonates with profound pleasure.

Prepare to be enthralled as the rhythm shatters, propelling you into the vast expanse of space within the free-falling sound of the 'Crash' single. With headphones on, you'll encounter a genuine marvel—a dialogue-like experience as the voices split into two channels. This intimate moment with dual voices will envelop you, evoking a sense of utter enchantment and warmth that persists throughout the entire track.

So, the single 'Crash' by Left Iris evokes a unique and elusive state that is challenging to put into words. Left Iris's music is truly a precious gift, a transformative experience that defies explanation. Don't you understand me? Fanstatic! Rather, turn on the single and listen!


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