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LP Other Things by Ariel My Friend

Dear listener and reader! I want to share something truly epic with you, something that has shattered my musical consciousness into pieces, like an electrical charge passing through a neon tube. Imagine an album that took nine long years to create. Nine years! That’s a whole era in the world of music. Think about how many experiments, trials and errors, and inspiring moments happened over these nine years.

So, meet this neon-electric masterpiece, a crystallization of time and creative thought. Today, we will be listening to the genre cocktail “Other Things” by Ariel My Friend. It’s art-rock-psychedelic-pop-symphonic-indietronica. Yes, it’s exactly that - a unique, super-cool beast in the music industry! When I first heard "Other Things," I thought Ariel My Friend had created a new level of the sound universe, to redefine all the sounds on the planet and show the world how boundless a poet's soul can be. Fourteen unique tracks sound like 14 events, epochs, milestones - no, 14 stories, colored in bright neon psychedelic tones. These tracks will allow you to reboot your own matrix. Isn’t this the kind of electroshock needed to start living from a clean slate and catch a new wave? I assure you, this will be one of those rare adventures that you’ll be telling your grandchildren about!

I suggest not delaying and getting inspired by the hypnotic sound of the first track, "Reverse," right now. Its pixelated sound, bright voices, and transitions exude a flawlessly summery and light mood, occasionally reminding me of an anime opening, which creates such a familiar and cool vibe! Seize the moment and let the new sound fill your consciousness. Then, we encounter "Chauvinist Bastard" with its organ chords, deep beats, and hip-hop vocals. Just go with the flow, sway, hum along, follow the sound, and enjoy. I appreciate how Ariel My Friend expresses his attitude towards life, the world, and sound by creating an amazing collection of tracks. A great cocktail of atmospheric electronica flows through the track "Our Sorry Love Story." Yet despite the high notes, a somber dark undertone remains, adding a new direction and story to the sound.

The track 'The Transgender Tailor Who Died in Saudi Custody' completely captivated me from start to finish. Ha! Thrash metal intertwined with almost classical harpsichord, and you know what came to my mind? A rocker's journey through a rabbit hole! Picture this: a rock concert with the typical rocker who suddenly finds himself in a palace during the time of some Louis, wearing a wig and playing the most heartfelt melody on a harpsichord, how sweet! It’s impossible to precisely trace the flow of thoughts in this track, it’s such an excellent journey that twists and turns, creating a sense of endless joy. If you like neon-pixel electronics, then you should definitely play 'The Rest You Need'. Gentle waves of pure synth and a smooth, flowing vocal will fill the space around you, allowing you to drown in soft clouds of sound. This track is like a breather after a long journey. Light, bright, and soft! Nearing the end of the album, the sound takes on a lighter shade, as if preparing for a cool and flawless finale. Try closing your eyes and listening deeply to 'That Ceren Song.'

Atmospheric synth pop-pixel track with orchestral organ and powerful percussion creates a truly majestic atmosphere. I am utterly thrilled by how after a great vocal duet the space distorts and becomes something entirely different. It’s an excellent track that reveals a deep of emotions and understanding of sound, which is very impressive. It's like a movie unfolding in your mind. But the coolest part happens at the end. Be prepared, because after just one listen of 'Monkey's Depressed,' I was humming it in my mind all day long. My God, what kind of spell is this? It’s a perfect track where the focus shifts to the story told by the audiobook voice. Well! This is my favorite track on the album. I just love it for its positivity, fun, uniqueness, the beauty of its new sound, and the catchy Monkey's Depressed. Wow, an amazing release! The album 'Other Things' by Ariel My Friend needs to be listened to and experienced, to absorb each track and you will feel how much energy, inspiration, and pure pleasure is hidden in its sound. It may be an unusual sound for you, but don’t give up, take it in doses, and you will feel better! Perfect!

Hey Ariel My Friend! Thank you for releasing such unique and unparalleled music. Only you can create such a sound, and there’s nothing like it in the entire universe. This makes your release so special that it’s something to cherish. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it. I like to visualize music and your music gave me so many cool possibilities that I got charged with inspiration. 9 years? So much energy! And everything sounds just perfect. It’s incredibly difficult to produce such a lush and textured sound, but every note is in its place. Everything is harmonious. Everything is perfect. Hats off to you! And I will show your release to everyone I can, let them be inspired too. Keep doing more, you're awesome!

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